10 Types of NFTs Everyone needs to know about

Different Types of NFTs

Here are some popular types of NFTs with examples

1. Profile Pictures (PFPs) and Avatars

In 2021, generative avatar projects soared in popularity, and their relevance has only grown as the NFT ecosystem has evolved.

Bored Ape Yacht Club PFP NFTs
Degods PFP NFTs on Solana MagicEden

2. 1-of-1 Artwork

Conventional and graphic artists that enter the NFT space rely on 1-of-1 pieces. Going this route means only one person may own the piece at any given time, inherently giving it more value on the open market.

Everydays: the First 5000 Days

3. Generative art

The name doesn't get any simpler than this, It is exactly what it sounds like.

Linkedin Co-Founder Reid Hoffman Generative NFT
mångata — The road-like reflection of the moon on water.

4. Collectibles

By now, you are probably familiar with the concept of collectibles — prized possessions sought after by collectors.

5. Gamified NFTs

Have you ever spent several days grinding in a video game to obtain a specific in-game item, weapon, or achievement? Imagine being able to the item with you to different games or universes, or selling it for fiat currency.

Credits: Realm of Cuboids

6. Music NFTs

Most individuals are well-aware of the music industry’s failure to give musicians sustainable options for making money. While streaming services take up the majority of the revenue, musicians suffer. This is where musical NFTs come into play.

Credit: Sound.xyz

7. Metaverse Land

As the metaverse becomes a reality, many collectors are buying virtual real estate on metaverse platforms. Like other NFTs, each land is tied to the blockchain and is unique, just like a piece of land in the real world.

Sandbox Map

8. Events and Ticketing

As the Web3 ecosystem grows, NFT use cases are evolving beyond digital art and avatar NFTs. These can act as passes to events, including access to backstage events, digital collectibles, and more.

$1M Key — Lifetime access to Coachella

9. Domain Names

While Web2 is built around centralization, Web3 is based on ownership transparency and decentralization. There are NFTs that allow you to truly own your Web3 presence and brand.

Nalikes Studio ENS Domain

10. Membership Passes

NFT-based memberships are their own separate sector of the NFT ecosystem, has grown and expanded in parallel with PFPs to provide incentives to holders.

Closing Thoughts

The NFTs ecosystem is growing exponentially, and new utility use cases will emerge in a variety of industries.

Nalikes Studio: We bring Brands to web3



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