Bugatti Group heads to the Metaverse

Bugatti Group’s First Phygital Experience!

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Bugatti Group, A leading luggage and handbags brand, continues its excellence in product innovation with its first-ever NFT Collection. The Bugatti Group NFT project is part of a “phygital” market, which provides its customers with both — physical and digital products.

Doubters and theorists frequently wonder how virtual art pieces can be worth millions of dollars when it comes to NFTs. Many have accepted NFTs for the value they possess in the virtual world. A new class of NFTs that are centred on merging the physical and digital worlds are now on the rise.

What are Phygital NFTs?

Digital tokens known as phygital NFTs (a combination of the words “physical” and “digital”) support real assets. These NFTs can either exist or be burnt after they are redeemed; it depends on the creator or the seller what their preference is. Many companies that are already selling clothing, artwork, and antique collectables have led the way in the phygital NFT world.

These NFTs have even found their way to the metaverse as platforms such as Sandbox now support phygital NFTs.

What is the Bugatti Genesis Collection?

Bridging the gap between digital and physical. What Bugatti Group Collection allows a user to purchase an NFT via the Bugatti Group site, Which grants the customer a Mint Pass, giving them access to limited-edition releases that aren’t made available to the general public.

Credits: Bugatti Group

The Bugatti Group Collection

The Bugatti Group NFT Collection has a total supply of 7780 NFT and is made up of six rarities and five physical claimable items, including some of the following — Crossbody Bag, Backpack, Duffle Bag, and Carry-on luggage.

All of the bags from the NFT collection are environmentally friendly, made with 100% post-consumer plastic bottles, along with a unique, plant-based leather material made with apples and cactus.

Credits: Bugatti Group

The Bugatti Group has also obtained the rights to print “Bored Apes” in a unique way on the luggage through its official partnership with the holders of these Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs.

If you would like to learn more about BAYC and how it is taking over the world, click here!

Credits: Bugatti Group

Andrew Hettem, Bugatti Group Chief Executive Officer, had this to say —

“We are excited to share our debut initiatives into the Web 3 world. We are always looking for new ways to push the envelope, and we believe Web 3 is on the cutting edge of modern culture,”

In order to execute all of this, Bugatti Group is in the process of investing in building an entirely new facility equipped with advanced technology and machinery that enables them to print one-of-a-kind NFTs onto luggage and crossbody bags.

The Bugatti Groups’ commitment to creativity and innovation is what inspires its foray into Web3. The company is dedicated to advancing continuously in ways that connect with its audience and give them new ways to engage with the brand.

To learn more about Bugatti Group, check out their website.

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